Thursday, March 19, 2009

New lamb!

One of our Ewes had a lamb on Tuesday. Anna went out to feed the sheep and noticed her lying on the ground. We didn't really know she was even pregnant!
In lieu of gifts the proud mother requests alfalfa hay and sweet grain.

New chicks

One of our hens has been sitting on 4 eggs for 24 days. A yellow chick hatched yesterday and a black one hatched today! They are so cute!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

More photos of the Lifehouse

Elizabeth's handmade cards. They are available for $3 each.

Our sewing/craft room
Julia found this wood cabinet in our neighborhood, it was out by the street for Big Junk Pickup. - BLUE - wall, chair and metal heating and air duct

( 3rd floor of Lifehouse The kitchen in the apartment
Cozy reading corner

March 15, 2009

Late night snack

Sprinkler pipes at Lifehouse

We have been painting, cleaning and dusting the 3rd floor at the Lifehouse. Elizabeth decorated the apartment there and then photographed it. Mommy and Lydia textured the walls. Anna and Julia were painting, and the others cleaned or worked on other jobs.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Felt food

I have been making this felt food recently. It is alot of fun and a little addicting after a while! I first saw it on this blog.

~posted by: Julia

Would you like cream with that?

We made hot chocolate the other night and this is what Anna and Lydia did with whipped cream and sprinkles! "I think it was supossed to go in the hot chocolate, not on your noses!" :o)

Posted by: Julia

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fun with the camera and Lydia!

*That was a good one*
*Say cheese!*

A picture of Julia taking a picture of Lydia. Photo taken by Lydia!

Hammered Dulcimer

I recently bought this hammered dulcimer off of a listing I saw on Craigslist. It is a Masterworks 11/12 model. I don't remember the first time I wanted to learn to play this instrument, because I had never seen one before! I have seen people who play them on It has been fun figuring out the scales and playing a few tunes.

Bunny wall art

Elizabeth has been making these bunny wall hangings recently. She wants to sell them at the Farmers market booth we have during the Summer. It seems somebody is always making something around our house!

Sewing Julia has been doing....

A burp cloth
The onesie, shoes and matching pants.

Close up of the applique on the front of the onesie