Sunday, May 8, 2011

Texas Trip

Deer crossing....
Playing Uno with some friends
Swimming in Lake Medina 

A sad looking boat....
Looking out from the porch at the house we stayed at in Rockport.... it was so pretty!

Rockport Beach
Me.... we all wanted pictures taken  with the palm trees :)
A cool house we drove by.... love that color yellow! 
"The big tree" was a tourist-y spot. It is supposedly over 1000 years old!
Stevie Lew's BBQ Kitchen's outdoor trailer. They built it from the ground up. We went in there for lunch, and it turned out it was run by 2 homeschool families. It was neat meeting them, and the BBQ was good! Link to their Facebook page.
They also run an RV park and roast coffee beans.

Anna feeding the seagulls

A jellyfish we found

Holding bunnies at the "B's" house. They breed them, and we brought 2 home with us from San Antonio. They were held for almost an entire day in the car on the trip home!

Anna playing Banjo, Daddy trumpet and Mr. B the guitar

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Window paint

We made these out of window paint. You draw the design on plastic, let it harden and then peel it off and stick it to the window. 

We use this paint that we get at Hobby Lobby.