Monday, October 31, 2011

Band concerts

The Orchestra 
The Intermediate Band
These pictures are from the homeschool band and orchestra concert. If you click the photos to enlarge them you should be able to find Elizabeth, Jonathan and Anna.

Rockclimbing in Arkansas

We went to Arkansas last weekend for a friend's 13th Birthday party. They had dinner and a picture slideshow on Friday evening and then there was a rockclimbing event on Saturday. It was at the Horseshoe Canyon ranch in Jasper, AR. Some of us camped on Friday night, there were 8 in the girls tent so it was alot of fun :) Enjoy all the pictures!

Anna rock climbing
Jonathan rock climbing
Benjamin R.
Lydia climbing 
This is Jeremiah R. he was covering up his face and threatening to throw rocks at me if I took his picture. This was the only picture I got of him. He is 2 and so cute :)
Daddy climbing
Daddy again.....
CharityAnn R.
Sarah climbing
GraceLynn R.
Lydia and CharityAnn R.

Our campsite

Sarah and Lydia
Sarah took this picture of Lydia and me
There was this neat swinging bridge
Sarah and Lydia on the bridge
Anna climbing

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