Tuesday, February 28, 2012

random pictures from the last 2 months...

Sorry we haven't posted on this blog for a while! Here are some random pictures...

 {Our peacock}


{Lydia trying to knit...}

Some of us are in a Hammered Dulcimer group that meets a couple times a month,
these were taken when we had the practice at our house.

Anna and Sarah took some horse riding lessons (pictured is Anna on the right and a friend)


Anna holding our cat "Spice"

Sarah and I  :)

Sarah, Lydia and Mom

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We (Anna, Sarah and I) help a friend out at at ranch in Guthrie. This week we cleaned the horses (vacuumed and brushed), did their tails, put them outside to walk on the exercise machine, cleaned stalls and then brought them back in. There are about 8 horses and 6 mini ponies. We've been enjoying our time out there and getting to work around horses :) 

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